What suits you the best for a bike ride

In normal countries where the bicycle is a means of daily transport, the world to do business with it or go to work is dressed like every regular person to spend the day.

Elegance lies in the way you ride, standing on the wheel, the fluidity of movement, the ability to roll slowly with grace. Only those who play ecologists and athletes play golfers, and they consider it appropriate every Sunday, along with other schizophrenics, to choose a mountain range and ride it at a frequency of 82.2 pence / minute.

On the other hand, the vehicle tends to become fashionable accessory. There is no de-flee that does not make your life a bike. So nothing prevents you from getting rid of it by wearing your Galliano.

However, if you want a serious proposal, I beg you to emulate once again something good from London. There, they have set a place for cyclists. The guys, gentlemen, all in all, set their mission to re-inventing the slowness.

And after all the formalities, please. We’re talking about taratsuzum. In any case, we can not find any seamless forms of neoprene with orange thunder and shit for the highly respected “Tweed Cycling Club“.

Jack Thurston and his friends are convinced: Since George Mallory managed to climb to the top of Everest with tweed outfits, it means that this outfit is appropriate for our exits on the streets of the star.

Official Tweed Run London

For some years, hundreds of members have been making regular appointments in Soho for the official Tweed Run on the streets of London and the English province.

Instead of speed, they prefer the style and elegance of the Victorian era. Chases and overtakes are insignificant. A cyclist with tweed does not sprint.

At the Working Men’s Club, north of London where the finish is taking place, men and women welcome children with gin & tonics and reward respecting dress code and dullness of behaviour.

New York Movement

The same in New York. Impeccable in their handmade trois pièces costumes and their bowler hats, young dads want to walk against the mad rhythms of the time. And the movement is spreading: Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington.

There is Eric Brewer. Owner of galleries and founder of Dandies & Quaintrelles. Which means a Victorian vest in the office, Gatsby’s behaviour, a neck tie, like Don Draper in Mad Men. He organizes their bicycle tours and states that they are “facing style as a way of life“.


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