Love Making Tips – Sex Secrets!

I am guessing that you already know the incredible pleasure you can get from sexual intercourse with your wife or partner. If you are a man and find that you are not getting the amount of sex that you want. This could be that you are not giving your partner the enjoyment of sex that she is looking for, or you prefer to have sex with other girls (Athens call girl or Athens call girls)

Sex Facts That Should Make You Think

A recent survey showed that as much as 52% of women regularly fake orgasms, with only 17% of women are likely to have an orgasm during sex.

Over forty three percent of women say they have some kind of sexual problem” such as inability to achieve orgasm, boredom with sex, or total lack of interest in sex. Eighty percent of women  would rather cuddle than have sex.

Go on any search engine to research this rather than take my word and i think you will be quite shocked with the results. The reason you’re not getting sex as you want is because your partner is bored.  So lets try to teach you how to give her bed-shaking, sweaty, screaming orgasms.

The secret is to become a great lover in bed. Once you do trust me your life with her will never be the same . Soon she will start asking and begging for you to have sexual intercourse with her. If you think this is all rubbish then become the kind of guy who can give a woman lots of orgasms and see what happens.

The most important key to being a good lover is your mindset. This is something that a lot of sex books get wrong. They make out that the problem is hers when in most cases its yours. I’ll explain, because I know this is totally counter-intuitive (which is why the sex books get it wrong). After all… isn’t the woman’s pleasure what it’s all about if you want her to be excited about making love with you?

If you want a woman to enjoy sex, she must first feel relaxed.The only way she can really and truly relax is to know that you fully enjoy sexual intercourse with he and love every moment of the smells, tastes, and feel of her body. So, in other words, you help your woman by helping yourself.

Below are four things you might not have thought of.

1) During sex, express your pleasure to your partner about how desirable she is

Most women surveyed complained that their partner is way too quiet during sex. Have you noticed how vocal women are? Try expressing yourself! Make no secret about how much you are enjoying having sexual intercourse with her. That way she won’t wonder if something’s wrong. Plus,your excitement will be contagious.

Some of the most gorgeous women can be timid about their vaginas, due to social conditioning and former boyfriends who  may insulted them when they were at their most vulnerable. In no uncertain terms tell her how appealing and desirable you find her body.

Try to communicate to her how beautiful she is through your reactions. When you see her naked say, “wow“. When giving oral stimulation lick her and moan so that she knows you are enjoying giving her pleasure.

2) Make sex something you do for fun and not a performance

This will help  ease the stress on yourself. Figures from the National Institutes of Health, say two-thirds of non-disease-related causes of erectile dysfunction are caused by psychological factors such as nervousness.

3) Forget the mindset of non-attachment to any outcomes in bed

You’re just there to have pleasure for yourself (and not her)… that’s it. Again, I know this is counter-intuitive, but it’s absolutely key. I’ll explain shortly.

4) Focus on the present moment

Make sure you keep all non-sexual thoughts out of your mind. In  adopting a Mindset Method System, you will  remove  the pressure to perform. When you are relaxed  and no longer feel the pressure, the same will apply to your partner.

Once you are free from the stress of having to make her orgasm your woman will truly have more pleasure than she ever thought possible.

This means she will initiate sex a lot more often. And be a lot more responsive in bed. The irony of focusing on your own pleasure instead of hers, is that  your woman will be free to get more (a lot more!) enjoyment out of sex Sounds simple, right? Yes, it really is that simple .

You are free to focus only on your own pleasure when you pay to have sex with different girls (Athens call girl or Athens call girls).